Webinars can do wonders for your brand. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 66 percent of marketers consider webinars to be an effective tactic used in their conversion strategy. They’re a great way to strengthen your company’s credibility, encourage visitors to sign up for your email list and improve your lead generation. When done right, you’ll see all the benefits it can bring your business.

One key to hosting a successful webinar is ensuring people tune in. Here are several ways to increase the number of people who signup for your webinar.

Choose the right topic

Choose a subject that resonates with your audience. The most important thing is that whatever you present has value and helps them in some way. It doesn’t make sense to host a webinar on a topic that’s irrelevant to your audience or doesn’t correlate with their interests. 

You need to conduct research to figure out what topics your audience is currently interested in or wants to know more about. Send out a customer survey or questionnaire to your audience asking them what they’d like to know more about. Email your subscribers for suggestions on what they’d like to see. Conduct keyword research to see what topics people in your niche are searching on Google

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