One of the costliest routine expenses for a business is printing. Despite the advent of digital technologies like document management systems and collaboration tools, most businesses continue to print, churning through paper and ink supplies to make it happen. If your business prints or copies in any degree, you or someone in your organization likely has to regularly replace the ink for those machines. This has many businesses on the lookout for the least expensive way to go about it: Is it black-and-white printing, or color? Is color really as expensive as it seems to be?

The cost of color printing and copying

It’s widely perceived that black ink is significantly cheaper than color ink. However, while costs can vary by the brand of the ink, machine and even paper you use, the cost difference between black and color ink isn’t always straightforward. One of the biggest myths in the printing world is that color ink is exponentially more expensive than black. It doesn’t have to be. You need to evaluate your goals with your printing model and do some cost comparisons to get a better picture.

What you’ll likely discover is that printing costs vary widely. The cost of

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