They are not supernatural omnipotent beings who can simply shrug off the most daunting of challenges. Even the most experienced interpreters fumble on certain occasions. Clients also have a role to play to achieve the most accurate interpreting for conversations, meetings or conferences.

Here are four vital details you need to consider when working with a business interpreter.

1. Help your interpreter prepare

To make sure that everything will go smoothly, provide everything the interpreter can use to prepare. If possible, share the documents or reference materials that will be used in the meeting or conference with your interpreter. If there are no sensitive details in the documents, provide the interpreter a copy. Anyway, it’s unlikely that you will be calling for an interpreter if the details to be discussed are strictly confidential that no third-parties should be allowed to learn about them.

Providing copies of resource materials or documents is necessary to orient the interpreter about the flow or sequence of the discussions and more importantly, so that the interpreter can get acquainted with unfamiliar terms or concepts. There may be uncommon terminologies or topics that will be brought up during the meeting or conference. The interpreter should be

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