The partnership between Red Lobster and Ocean Conservancy stands to provide some pretty powerful benefits to both organizations: Red Lobster’s image gets a much-needed face-lift, and Ocean Conservancy gets a megaphone to promote its message.

For Red Lobster, a partnership like this is a step toward redefining the brand. Instead of being an unhealthy, mid-market restaurant chain concerned only with profits, Red Lobster can tell a different story of a seafood restaurant that cares about the world and takes measures to protect it. At the same time, the Ocean Conservancy gains access to the platform — and reach — Red Lobster provides. The fact that a business as entrenched in its ways as Red Lobster can modernize provides a strong testimony to the work Ocean Conservancy does.

Small businesses can look to this partnership for inspiration. A marketing partnership — whether it’s with another small business or with a big legacy brand — can unlock audiences or associations that were previously out of reach.

Reaching new audiences

Young and old brands each have something to offer the other in the rapidly changing digital age; that’s why marketing partnerships between the two are so effective. To begin with, brands that are used

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