On May 27, the analytics and data web portal Coin Dance announced the team has added the Cashscript project to the website’s development tracker. Cashscript is a high-level language that enables basic smart contract functionality on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.

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Meet Cashscript: A High-Level Programming Language for Bitcoin Cash

Smart contract functionality is coming to the Bitcoin Cash network, which will allow developers to not only use the peer-to-peer cash as a medium of exchange, but also execute unique decision-based transactions. This week, data website Coin Dance added a new project called Cashscript to the site’s development tracker so BCH supporters can get a glimpse of this concept.

The creator of Cashscript, software engineer Rosco Kalis, has been working relentlessly on the protocol and a sneak preview of the project’s potential was shared on Reddit. On May 28, news.Bitcoin.com discussed the Cashscript project with Kalis to give our readers an inside look at this innovative concept. Kalis explained that Cashscript is a high-level language that compiles down to Bitcoin Script. The developer said he was inspired by Tendo Pein’s Spedn language, but found it too difficult to integrate

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