The Oculus Quest is a completely standalone VR headset. It can track the room you’re in and your movement in six directions, which opens the world up when it comes to gaming. The Oculus Quest has an impressive library of launch titles, but these are the first five that you absolutely need to try.

★ Featured favorite Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an incredibly popular and addictive game in VR. You swing two lightsabers to slash through floating blocks to the rhythm of songs with bumping beats. Thanks to the Oculus Quest’s support for two touch controllers and six degrees of freedom, you can lean, duck, and swing away at blocks to try to beat your high score.

$30 at Oculus

Use the force Vader Immortal: Episode I

Technically, this is a VR story more than a game, but in it, you get to see Darth Vader in VR and swing a lightsaber. In the story, you’re a smuggler who winds up on Darth Vader’s home planet. You hone your lightsaber skills and discover secrets about Vader along the way.

$10 at Oculus


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