Best Answer: No, you cannot. The Oculus Quest battery should only be removed or replaced by an Oculus professional.

Untethered VR experience: Oculus Quest (From $399 on Amazon) Basic VR experience: Oculus Go (From $199 on Amazon) Repairing old batteries

A major issue with all mobile devices is having to replace the battery. Integrated batteries are not like your standard AAs where you can just swap a new one in whenever you’d like. It typically takes some knowledge of electronics, will likely void your warranty if you do it yourself, and is best handled by the manufacturer.

What about the Quest?

Like the Oculus Go, the Quest has an internal battery that is rechargeable through an external USB-C port. While this battery is designed for a substantial amount of use, even if recharged properly, someday it will likely run out of juice and need to be replaced. Like all electronics with integrated batteries, this should ideally be handled by the manufacturer. In this case, Oculus.

If the battery fails while it is under warranty, this is likely something they can replace. It is not, however, advised to try and replace the battery yourself unless you are a trained electrician.

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