The great thing about using iTunes with the iPhone is that syncing your music is pretty simple and straightforward. However, if you’ve switched from an iPhone to an Android device and want to transfer your iTunes music over, there are several ways that you can actually go about doing it, and we are going to show you how.

Transfer Music From iTunes To Android Manually

This is the most basic and straightforward method available where you literally copy your music files from your iTunes library and paste it into your Android handset. Here’s how you do that.

Locate your iTunes folder where your songs are kept. You can find it by launching iTunes, go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced
Go to iTunes Media > Music where they will be sorted according to their artist name
Select the songs you want to copy over to your Android phoneConnect your Android phone to your computer and open it using File ExplorerNavigate to the Music folder and copy your songs into the folder. Once that’s done, you should able to access your music files on your Android phone.
Transfer Music From iTunes To Android With Google Play Music

If you’re planning on moving to Android, then Google Play Music

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