One of the problems with the Apple Watch is that it is quite reliant on the iPhone for it to work. For example, until the cellular version of the Apple Watch was launched, users needed to keep their watches paired with their iPhones to receive phone calls and to access the internet. While that has changed, the Apple Watch is still quite dependent on the iPhone.

Another example would be apps, where if you wanted to download an Apple Watch app, you’d need to download the app through your iPhone. However, that could soon be changing. According to a report from Bloomberg, it has been revealed that in the next major update to watchOS, Apple could be giving the Apple Watch greater independence from the iPhone.

This will be done by giving the Apple Watch its own App Store that can be accessed through the watch itself. This means that in the event you need to download a watchOS app, you can do so directly from the watch itself even when you’re away from your phone. However, for those who do not own the cellular version of the watch, you will still need to keep the watch and iPhone close to each

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